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Leadmodo Review – Have you been waiting to build your list?

Leadmodo Review

  • Product : Leadmodo
  • Creator: Neil Napier (also the founder of Kyvio) and Yves Kouyo
  • Cost: $27-$29 during launch
  • Can I Recommend: Certainly yes
  • Highly Suggested

Survey and quiz are the hottest trend in the online category. A lot of them are from survey, For those who have a look at the performing affiliate or campaigns.

Normally,people hardly wish to optin to your list and they won’t supply their email address if there is nothing amazing for them. With quiz and survey,their mind somewhat affects and make them feel they need to enter their email address.

There is a lot online quiz builder online and now I will introduce another one,Leadmodo. I would say it’s a good idea to have product for any online marketer after having a test with Leadmodo.

Notes: so that I understand how it works I have Leadmodo review accessibility from Neil Napier.

What is Leadmodo?

In the beginning,it’s a quiz, survey and poll builder and it can host your campaigns. After that,you may add outcomes for individuals or collect messenger and optin leads. It has direct integration with Facebook Messenger,Facebook App and autoresponder services.

Who’s Leadmodo For?

Any marketer in any experience

Affiliate Product Seller, Facebook Marketer, Email List Builder and Marketer

Those who run retargeting and advertising ads overtime

And many. .

I will show you exactly what this is the member’s area once you login.

Besides this mean you can link your Fanpage and send messenger campaigns.

If you’ve got a service,you can run for your clients.

It has API relationship with autoreponder.

But if you do not use any of these,it’s OK to use custom HTML form. Now,let’s start creating a campaign.

1. Template of LeadModo

On the front end account,there are some templates inside. If you want more,you will have to buy upgrade.

Before creating a campaign, you can have action and a trailer from them.

In case you have your own question,it’s OK to create from scratch.

2. Create Your Campaigns

Here are the initial setup before people starting their quiz.

You can select other template in case you don’t enjoy what you are doing.

As a questionnaire effort,you can add multiple images. Segment is the stuff,that is what we call a questionnaire funnel. And you can incorporate your custom HTML Code or Autoresponder.

Segment here means you can add people to your question that is targeted after they answer something.

Here,you can select using FB Messenger Lead or Optin Lead or both.

There is no Facebook Developer App Setup Required. And as you can see,people can skip or not based on what you want.

Then,you can pick results.

Lastly,this is your effort in reality.

Needless to say,it is possible to share it or embed it everywhere using HTML Code.

And you can 1 click social sharing them accross social networks.

3. Quiz and Survey

Like Poll effort,the usage of these features aren’t really different.

The only different is that by default,question type is Text while Poll is text plus image.

It’s the real survey funnel, where people can do something after answering a specific answer, as you can see.

Here,you can view analytic of your quiz campaign.

And that is all you get inside a single time purchase at $29 or $27.

In order to bring a grasp about Leadmodo to you,I have listed a complete walkthrough demo video about it. Before you buy the software,turn on your volume and watch this video.

Funnels of Leadmodo

All products have upsells and does Lead Modo. But it’s absolutely optional,you don’t have to purchase them if you don’t like.

The last update is Reseller License, OTO 4,it costs you $97 for 20 accounts or $197 for 100 accounts. You can produce account for clients and then sell Lead Modo as a service,so you want.

Bonus From Me

If you purchase LeadModo through my 22, in order to help your life easier, I will add some extra bonuses. This product is sold on Jvzoo so that once you purchase,you will get access to my customized bonus.