StoryReel Review – Does It Really Work ?

StoryReel Review

StoryReel is an simple to use cloud story style vertical video creation app for marketers. You produce proven to convert high quality movies on your own and your clients using done-for-you 100 templates.

Stories are remarkably popular across social networking platforms. This is the New type of video that you need to be using. Not just on Facebook, but on Instagram, SnapChat, WhatsApp & even Skype. There are billions of peoples using these platforms daily who are watching, sharing and purchasing from short story videos.StoryReel Review - Does It Really Work ?

“The increase in Stories is on path to surpass newsfeeds in 2019 as the primary way people share things with their friends.” Chris Cox, Facebook’s chief product officer.

“We expect Stories to overtake posts in feeds as the most frequent way that people share across all social apps.” Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook.

With the tremendous opportunity stories present, only a small number of marketers are using them. The principal reason being that these stories are not simple to create and not every marketer knows the sort of attention-span audiences have when watching someone’s story. Plus, it is technical, time taking, requires being very creative and careful not to include what not to in a marketing or an ad story-style video. Not everyone can do that.
StoryReel simplifies all this and make it easier such that anybody with no technical ability can create vertical videos for narrative marketing in 3-easy-steps:

Step 1: Login into the dashboard and select from 100s of completely customizable story video templates. These templates can be customized for pretty much Any niche.

Step 2: Edit text, Add your call-to-action, replace images and video clips with yours, add music or text-to-speech voice overs, choose video quality or even export as an animated GIF.

Step 3: Download your video or share directly in your Facebook Pages, Groups, Profile or YouTube directly from the dash. Or use our mobile program to print anywhere else.

StoryReel is a simple and fast to use story creation app for entrepreneurs. 800,000 million people are now addicted to social narrative videos across social media platforms. Utilizing 100 proven and tested stories movie templates, you can create videos to publishing on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Whatsapp and Skype which convert 72 percent of your viewers into buyers. No special skill or training is required before it may be used as everything was made to easy, easy and quick to use for anyone.

With StoryReel: No more blogging and vlogging with nothing to show for it and everyone ignoring your posts. No more backbreaking SEO that takes years to find results. No more expensive PPC or Facebook ads that don’t get any clicks and rarely make a profit.

The secret to most successful marketing strategy today is that they are able to create engaging stories videos on social media today. Marketers know this but not all of them possess the expertise of producing one for themselves, and even when they could, they do not have a budget to actualize it. StoryReel makes it super easy for anyone with zero creative or technical knowledge to make amazing stunning vertical videos that bring buyers traffic like crazy.

If you haven’t picked up StoryReel, there is still enough time to do this until the purchase price goes recurring. In lesser than 24 hours, you may need to pay a whole lot more for it. Get StoryReel here before it is too late

StoryReel Features

  • StoryReel Customize your story template in moments with thousands of professional sound tracks, dazzling images, funky fonts and eyeball grabbing video clips!Access to 50,000+ Images in Image Library.
  • StoryReel Upload your own Pictures, Video Clips or Music/VoiceOvers. Add Swipe Up Animation on all videos, Add your own logo and watermark.
  • Add multilingual voice overs with our state of the art Text to Speech technology.
  • Create Long story videos with ReelMerge feature. Reach thousands of potential buyers in a few easy clicks.
  • Connect up to 500 social accounts. Integrate with SyVID and LIVEreel (our best-selling video marketing software). Produce up to 500 HD movies or GIFS per day.
  • You can not go wrong. Dedicated Support. We’ve got your back, even if it’s 2AM.
  • It’s not necessary to connect any compensated API, Just log in and start creating. Cloud Based. Works anywhere with an internet connection.
  • StoryReel 100 percent Whitehat & Approved Software, Regular,free updates. Fully tested, compliant & built to last.

What StoryReel Can do for you

  • StoryReel Tap into countless audiences. Not just on Facebook, but on Instagram, SnapChat, WhatsApp & even Skype! There are billions of peoples using these platforms each day that are watching, sharing and purchasing from short story videos!
    Did we mention that 72 percent of Instagram users purchase products through Instagram alone?
  • Your competitors are doing it. 52 percent of small businesses use Instagram to share short stories that sell their goods, build their brands and win trust. Don’t get left behind.
  • They’re made for mobile. Experts predict that mobile users will spend 65 billion dollars online in 2019 and because story videos are optimized for mobile programs like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and SnapChat, you’re reaching and engaging more mobile users than ever before.
  • They’re simple to digest. Social narrative videos appeal to billions of individuals that are too busy to watch or read long, boring content.
  • They stand out from the crowd. Story videos look totally different to other videos and dull text content, so that they stand out.
  • They’re simple to scale. With the appropriate tools, you can pump out dozens of small videos daily that attract leads and sales like you’ve never experienced before.
  • Pump out quick social narrative videos to cash in on new trends in your market, before the competition does.
  • Sense of urgency. Most stories die after 24hrs, which makes them more appealing and forces people to watch today.
  • Less competition than other marketing methods. If you’re tired of the search engine optimization bloodbath, endless blogging, vlogging, commenting, networking and blowing wads of money on fruitless advertisements, then social stories is for you.

StoryReel Frequently Asked Questions

  • StoryReel permits you to create and publish engaging social narrative style videos to your social channels in moments.
  • Choose a professional template, edit however you want, then share it across the web for insane engagement and exposure, all from a single dashboard.
  • Why would I want to talk about other people’s? First, it is way easier than creating social narrative videos from scratch.
  • StoryReel automatically formats your video for optimal playback on mobile devices (such as the right”vertical measurements” so it always fits and looks right on all the different story programs, such as Instagram, SnapChat, etc..
  • Second, you are saving hundreds of dollars on footage, fonts, graphics, logos, icons and text to speech technology and even more money on individuals who would easily charge $20, $30 or even $50 to help you produce a single video!
  • Third, it is fast. You’re saving hours in regards to syndicating your social story on the internet. StoryReel allows you to share your video on multiple social channels in a few clicks, without manually logging in to every program or website the slow way!
  • How do societal stories get me more traffic and sales? If you want attention, if you want to be noticed, if you would like to stop getting ignored online then you will need to go where your audience are right now and place something in front of them that they would like to watch. While other marketers slave over old style content, ads and other stuff, you can tap into billions of possible viewers that are craving social stories over anything else today, in 2019. People just Love social stories. They are short, fun, different and easy to digest. Examine the facts. It’s easy to realize that the future of content is social stories.
  • Does this work for Mac and PC? Yes. StoryReel is a cloud-based app, so it works on almost any device, any screen size and from anywhere on earth.
  • Yes. Try it for 14 days and if you don’t agree this is the easiest, quickest way to get free traffic to your products, services, squeeze pages or affiliate links, then let us know and we’ll refund every last penny immediately.
  • Yes. We provide detailed videos and PDF guides if you need a little extra assistance, but we are also confident that you’ll never have to use them since StoryReel is one of the simplest tools we’ve ever designed and created for our clients.
  • Are there any monthly or hidden fees? Nope. If you lock in your license now, we guarantee there’ll be no additional fees.
  • Following this launch is over, we’re contemplating moving this into a monthly subscription service. So, don’t miss out — get in now and save a heap of money.
  • What makes StoryReel unique? There is nothing else that comes close to what StoryReel can do for you. No other tool we’ve seen can create killer societal story videos which are formatted vertically for mobile apps or allow you to choose and edit awesome templates that are proven to grab attention and engage individuals or allow you to syndicate and share your social narrative across multiple platforms and social accounts in seconds, saving you hours of backbreaking work. And don’t forget the text to speech technologies, allowing you to create awesome voice overs, even if you don’t have a mic, cant afford a voice over artist or just don’t enjoy the sound of your own voice.

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