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Leadmodo Review – Have you been waiting to build your list?

Leadmodo Review

  • Product : Leadmodo
  • Creator: Neil Napier (also the founder of Kyvio) and Yves Kouyo
  • Cost: $27-$29 during launch
  • Can I Recommend: Certainly yes
  • Highly Suggested

Survey and quiz are the hottest trend in the online category. A lot of them are from survey, For those who have a look at the performing affiliate or campaigns.

Normally,people hardly wish to optin to your list and they won’t supply their email address if there is nothing amazing for them. With quiz and survey,their mind somewhat affects and make them feel they need to enter their email address.

There is a lot online quiz builder online and now I will introduce another one,Leadmodo. I would say it’s a good idea to have product for any online marketer after having a test with Leadmodo.

Notes: so that I understand how it works I have Leadmodo review accessibility from Neil Napier.

What is Leadmodo?

In the beginning,it’s a quiz, survey and poll builder and it can host your campaigns. After that,you may add outcomes for individuals or collect messenger and optin leads. It has direct integration with Facebook Messenger,Facebook App and autoresponder services.

Who’s Leadmodo For?

Any marketer in any experience

Affiliate Product Seller, Facebook Marketer, Email List Builder and Marketer

Those who run retargeting and advertising ads overtime

And many. .

I will show you exactly what this is the member’s area once you login.

Besides this mean you can link your Fanpage and send messenger campaigns.

If you’ve got a service,you can run for your clients.

It has API relationship with autoreponder.

But if you do not use any of these,it’s OK to use custom HTML form. Now,let’s start creating a campaign.

1. Template of LeadModo

On the front end account,there are some templates inside. If you want more,you will have to buy upgrade.

Before creating a campaign, you can have action and a trailer from them.

In case you have your own question,it’s OK to create from scratch.

2. Create Your Campaigns

Here are the initial setup before people starting their quiz.

You can select other template in case you don’t enjoy what you are doing.

As a questionnaire effort,you can add multiple images. Segment is the stuff,that is what we call a questionnaire funnel. And you can incorporate your custom HTML Code or Autoresponder.

Segment here means you can add people to your question that is targeted after they answer something.

Here,you can select using FB Messenger Lead or Optin Lead or both.

There is no Facebook Developer App Setup Required. And as you can see,people can skip or not based on what you want.

Then,you can pick results.

Lastly,this is your effort in reality.

Needless to say,it is possible to share it or embed it everywhere using HTML Code.

And you can 1 click social sharing them accross social networks.

3. Quiz and Survey

Like Poll effort,the usage of these features aren’t really different.

The only different is that by default,question type is Text while Poll is text plus image.

It’s the real survey funnel, where people can do something after answering a specific answer, as you can see.

Here,you can view analytic of your quiz campaign.

And that is all you get inside a single time purchase at $29 or $27.

In order to bring a grasp about Leadmodo to you,I have listed a complete walkthrough demo video about it. Before you buy the software,turn on your volume and watch this video.

Funnels of Leadmodo

All products have upsells and does Lead Modo. But it’s absolutely optional,you don’t have to purchase them if you don’t like.

The last update is Reseller License, OTO 4,it costs you $97 for 20 accounts or $197 for 100 accounts. You can produce account for clients and then sell Lead Modo as a service,so you want.

Bonus From Me

If you purchase LeadModo through my 22, in order to help your life easier, I will add some extra bonuses. This product is sold on Jvzoo so that once you purchase,you will get access to my customized bonus.


About Covert Curator Theme

About Covert Curator Theme

Elegant Themes, which is one of the WordPress theme companies in the world create covert Curator. Covert Curator is included in Elegant Themes motif club membership that gives you access to their plugins and themes for the price of one theme.

Elegant Themes is a leader in WordPress themes with XX plugins, XX topics, and 307000 clients. For the last 7 years the business is currently providing premium WordPress support for their products that power a number of websites.

They’re a distributed company with 34 employees all around the world although the business is headquartered in San Francisco.

As plugin programmer and a premium theme, Elegant Themes knows what WordPress users need from a theme. They need features and flexibility packed into one bundle.

Covert Curator was for! Easy to use modules, drag-and-drop layout, designs that are predefined, the Customize panel and the Custom CSS box all make for an exceptionally fast, efficient way to create modern websites that clients are searching for.

Let us take a look at a number of the principal features of Covert Curator Theme.

The Covert Curator Builder

Covert Curator Builder is a drag and drop page builder that ships with Covert Curator. It permits you to create your own designs by using a simple page editor. Drag and drop columns rows, modules and elements to create beautiful layouts of your own.

Covert Curator Builder

Covert Curator theme ships with 20+ ready to use layouts. These are designs with colors and unique layouts in establishing your theme giving you a jump start. All pre-made layouts are infinitely and easily customizable.

40 Content Modules

There are 40 content modules which you can add to layout or any page in your theme. You may add slider, accordion, portfolio, call to action, galleries, videos, social programs, and so much more by simply dragging a module to a page.

Content modules in Covert Curator Theme

Live Preview Customizer

Live preview customizer allows you to change colors, fonts, style, with a preview of your site visible right. This makes customization easier for the beginner users since they can see their changes straight away and can undo them.


Covert Curator supports WooCommerce from the box. Your online store will look incredible on all devices and you can apply your theme to create different sections of your website.

Covert Curator is comes in 32 languages with RTL support. Translations include both the backend and front-end of your website. So that you can create websites with the theme that is incredible it also supports WPML.

Sucuri Safe Theme

A security vulnerability in a plugin or a WordPress theme may compromise the security of your website. This is certainly not likely to occur with Covert Curator theme.

Sucuri one of the web security firms in the world audits the code behind the Covert Curator motif. After careful study of the code, the security specialists of the Sucuri gave Covert Curator their theme seal that was safe.

It is the view of the review team that this theme was created well and therefore, the Covert Curator Theme is deserving of this Safe Theme seal.
— Sucuri Team

Ease of Use

Many other powerful WordPress themes in the market and covert Curator offer so many attribute. We wanted to see how easy it’s to quickly begin with Covert Curator theme.

Covert Curator provides an out of the box experience. The design that is beautiful is visible on your site straight away. You will still need to add content to your website to take the full advantage of Covert Curator capabilities.

Setting up a theme isn’t that difficult. Covert Curator comes to use layouts that you can apply to your site.

Covert Curator theme comes with Elegant Themes membership which provides you access to the documentation, support forums, and their support team.

Elegant Theme has a staff of professionals who are available to assist with your theme questions. Your membership gives you support accessibility for an year and you can renew your subscription.

This support license also allows you to set up Covert Curator on as many websites as you want. You can also use it to build client sites. You are also entitled by your license for free theme upgrades.

Our Score

We carefully examined the incredible features. After test driving it for a while we discovered Covert Curator to be an excellent selection for a WordPress theme.


Viraleze Review – What Is It?

Viraleze is Comprised of 2 Components

Viraleze, is an exclusive Instagram Marketing training created and you can begin Generating Revenue for your company with complete
step .

You will get to know the unknown strategies which can help you to maximize the results.

Instagram advertising is hot and huge niche and need for specialist data in this field is high. So, Viraleze is currently
supplying you that chance what people are searching for.

Viraleze Scheduler is an internet marketing tool auto posting web application that permits you schedule to Instagram and manage
your Instagram accounts at exactly the same time. You can post and evaluate your posts and save time managing multiple Instagram

Of What This Course Covers:

  • Fundamental things so that traffic will follow your profile what people underestimate but equally important to create a good
    Instagram profile
  • Before diving into the Instagram Marketing, the first decision is how to select niche what will be the niches on Instagram and if
    You’re a new bie on Instagram
  • Strategies you must follow to grow your own Instagram account organically.
  • Content is the attraction point in each social media platform, so it’s crucial to understand the value of good content and ways to
    create content that is engaging.
  • The strategy increase the chance of getting thousands of followers and to make your post viral
  • The video game of”Hashtags” and what kind of hashtags you should use that it will increase the reach of your Instagram audience
    Step-by-step advice, how you can get thousands of enjoys on every post
  • You can get benefit from the viral content
  • Which are the techniques in Instagram
  • Ways to Get Free Traffic from Instagram

Viraleze: Few Amazing Features

Users Will Get Includes:

Post Albums, Videos, Stories & Pictures

There is no need to spend on your Instagram accounts when you’re able to use a tool that automatically places photos, your
stories, and videos on Instagram. That’s what you’ll receive from Viraleze Scheduler.

Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts Immediately

Viraleze Scheduler allows you to post to your Instagram accounts. Viraleze Scheduler posts the content as you add content to your

Repost Public Instagram Posts From Embed Code or Post URL

There is not need to create your own content if you have no time luxury, you can upload public Instagram posts from post url or
Embed Code directly on your Instagram account.

Caption Templates

Viraleze Scheduler enables you to save the captions so that you can keep away the hustle to use the captions again and again while
submitting to your Instagram accounts you used.

Drag & Drop Media Upload

“Drag & Drop” is the simplest and user-friendly approach to upload the content. Just Video or the Image you need to use drag and
drop. And you are ready to post.

Real Time Preview

Viraleze Scheduler shows Real-time preview of your posts (Images/Videos/Stories), Captions, Emojis, Hashtags before posting so
that you can see how amazing your content will post.

Multilingual Ready

Into multi languages like Spanish, Italian, German, Turkey and more that will connect your audience, you can convert your
dashboard with the Viraleze Scheduler.

And Many More!

The Buyers will get both the training and Front End applications that will offer their Instagram Marketing boost with only little

Viraleze Funnel


  • Certificate Of Completion Of Course
  • Viraleze Scheduler – 3 Accounts
  • Post & Schedule Pictures directly from your desktop
  • Schedule & post Videos from your desktop
  • Post & Schedule Stories from your desktop
  • Schedule & post Albums directly from your desktop
  • Automatically post content to all Instagram accounts
  • Repost Instagram posts that are public directly from code that is embed or article URL
  • Caption templates
  • Emoji Integration
  • Automated Image resize to match Instagram’s aspect ratios
  • Multilingual ready
  • Proxy support
  • Statistics
  • Facebook Group

OTO 1: Extreme

  • Case Study, How To Get 1000 Likes
  • Viraleze Scheduler – 5 Accounts

OTO 3: Reseller

  • 50 Licenses for $67
  • 100 Licenses for $97
  • Funnel Resell Rights

Some Reviews about the course

The best part of course is it begin with fundamental and goes to pro level I always wondered how people earn through instagram and
neha mam satisfied my curiosity through This course.This can help you to make money as a freelancer and even getting job in a mnc
All you need is a mobile/laptop with internet connection to start making money So Why are awaiting adding a new ability and be a
Instagram marketing expert


How Can InstaGC Work?

InstaGC — Is It A Scam?

Wondering if InstaGC is legit?

Continue reading below for our whole InstaGC review because I am sharing my opinion and giving you all the details.

If you’re tired of scam sites and you want a real solution for making money online go ahead and check out my no.1 recommendation.

I’ve personally used this to create an additional $120k+ in the last 6 months

Go here to see for Making Money on the Internet, my no. 1 recommendation

(This is a 100% free coaching )

InstaGC Review

We believed it would be a good idea to have a review from a user of InstaGC, so what you’re about to read is the experience of
somebody who uses InstaGC on a regular basis to make rewards and points.

InstaGC is one of the websites which can be used to redeem points in e-commerce sites like Amazon and Walmart as gift cards, by
completing some basic tasks and is situated at which is a free to join website available to individuals in US, UK,
Canada and Australia. Among the tasks that I tackle include purchasing, listening radio, watching videos, surveys, and trial

It has many tasks which can be completed to redeem points.

The digital system that uses email delivery channels eliminates a lot of issues connected with other GPT sites that mail gift
cards . Sometimes, it may take a very long time until they are received by you but it’s rare not to be honest. Through PayPal
hence less hassle when working with InstaGC you get paid in a number of the tasks that you do.

How Can InstaGC Work?

I believe it is smooth and simple to move around, In regards to the navigation of the website. Because gift cards are regularly
unveiled, system is continually growing. I am required to complete some tasks and offers available on the site before I get a gift
card. Per task, I earn around a hundred of those points and 10 to 100 points convert to a single dollar.

Before accumulating enough points which get me a gift 16, I take only a couple of days. The good thing about these gift cards is
that I do not spend anything to activate them. There are some few shortcomings related to the program worth. I noted if my IP
address keeps changing just like when I’m using a virtual private network that’s roughly 10 percent of the 30, that I can’t

That is just a numbers of users. I came to realize that it’s was important as it protects the consumer and the business, for that
happening . Furthermore, due to the demand of the customer services it takes a long time before being answered. Alternatively, I
use the user forum to get the help that I need within a brief time because it’s full of members.

1 issue I encounter at InstaGC is being locked from all my offerings, with over 225 points, for as much as two weeks that I
complete. I stick to the policy, though it appears to make no sense to me. My take on the subject would be it takes some time to
verify the accounts malpractices.

Note: I can not recommend a person to enroll using social media. Why? For my case, all the information from my profile was taken
including buddies list and data.

Because of this, I prefer to work with my email address. When working on this site because I get to fill Sudokus and puzzles, I
like my hobbies. Truth be told I am in that group of people that love taking surveys and trial offers at InstaGC.

How Much Can You Earn With InstaGC?

By any means, this is not a job or a business opportunity but I can gather enough points for my holiday shopping spree through the
reward program that is InstaGC. Now that being out of the way I can make more by encouraging them to sign up and just referring my
friends. The more people continue to join through my referral link, the more I continue to make. (A more profitable way of earning
from referrals is affiliate marketing, download the freelance digital secrets guide to find out more).

For each person I refer to InstaGC, I get $1 or a 100 points. It’s more of a way of creating extra money than a full time income.
From my viewpoint, I think doing those tasks that are simple is better, though pays little, compared to buying a newspaper and
doing a crossword puzzle. Last, I can vouch for”InstaGC” as a real means to earn some money from home. Unlike scam survey sites
like others and Survey Say that this is a way.

InstaGC Recommendation & Conclusion

As you can see from the review InstaGC is a genuine way to make money and points to put towards products at major retailers like
Amazon and a fantastic site. It is certainly not a scam so you needn’t work there as some have claimed. On the flip side, if you
are interested in earning a full time income online afterward InstaGC isn’t likely to be able to do that for you, the earning
potential is simply not high enough and you should instead look at other opportunities (such as my no.1 recommendation below).

Before you leave…

If you are tired of scam sites and you need a real solution for making money online go ahead and check out my no.1 recommendation.

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Internet Marketing

TeeSpy Starter Review

TeeSpy Starter Review

Product Creator: BeachinSoft
Price: $27
Official WebSite:
My thoughts Recommended

Teespy is a new marketing and product promotion technique which can change. T-shirts take a sizable proportion of Facebook
advertising and a few of the campaigns are more successful than others.

TeeSpy is a database that lets you find new marketing strategies. The information has turned out to become relevant due to the
number of companies searching to produce effective sales campaign. TeeSpy keeps you in touch with your competitor and it helps you
to set up an immediate gap.

It has Tons. The tools comprise search engines tools, Facebook interest tools, Facebook Ad Spy tool and more.

Whether you are a starter or you have immense tactics and professional capabilities in marketing, TeeSpy can force you to make
sales than ever. TeeSpy reduces the time that you spend on research, ensures that you make more sales and simplifies your
imagination process by providing you an idea.

Know your target audience

In advertising, knowing your target audience is the complex and most difficult procedure you will encounter. With TeeSpy, you
discover the easiest way to find your target through Facebook interest tool that targets Facebook interests that are valid.

This makes marketing simpler and you get a broad assortment of potential customers. Instead of wasting resources and time
promoting your shirt into the crowd that is wrong, you have to get a connection you would like to view your product and make a
good deal of sales.

Research Marketing campaigns

Manual searching and analyzing top performing campaigns may be awkward and nagging. With TeeSpy, you have to search from the
database and get hundreds of top performing campaigns and strategies. This will allow you to place their methods.

Use tools that are powerful

This tool permits you to do a research on the post on places like Wanelo. This becomes easier to understand what sort of items
your target audience is considering. That post can make you put it and expand an idea and you may end up generating more income
than you anticipated.

Use Facebook Ad Spy Tool

You may use the Facebook Ad Spy Tool to understand the products that your competitors are marketing and analyze them with TeeSpy.
With this you will become more competitive on the market. It is truly a feature and its execution can lead to strategy in product

Allows you to see market data

TeeSpy permits you to see on the number of earnings, shares that are social in addition to the market demographics. With these
demographics, you can make. It enables you to see which campaigns are performing. You’ll be able to interpret the idea.

Offers an Outstanding support

TeeSpy offers exceptional and helpful support by giving responses within 24 hours to you. In case you have a particular problem or
a problem TeeSpy gives a reaction that is decent.

The application is flexible

TeeSpy can operate on smartphone devices, and on computers, Tablets PC.

Facebook and Social Networking interest

TeeSpy integrates social media platforms. Here, you’ll have the ability to see their demographics and what folks are talking
about, what they are interested in.

When you target a specific demographic group, you can come up with ideas. Then, you must be certain that those ideas are at a
market level. You will know the interest of a target market by commenting about and seeing the ads they are currently sharing.


You may have an idea about what T-shirts to make in your TeeSpring if that idea will work but you are not sure. With TeeSpy, you
just need to key in the idea and see what people are talking about and their interests. Your idea might generate another idea that
is terrific for you TeeSpring and maybe the conversation of the day.

TeeSpring data mining

By offering a searchable database of TeeSpring, Teepublic, and Teechip teeSpy carries a study of your TeeSpring. You are provided
by the search engine with selling campaigns which might generate a idea for you and campaigns that have worked.

In fact, TeeSpy application provides you easily searchable access to Tee shirt campaigns that have worked in the past and
currently, as obtained from TeeSpring campaigns that are actual and are presented in a searchable format.

It is a application and a secure

Knowing your target audience is the most difficult and sophisticated procedure you will come across. With TeeSpy, you find the
easiest way to locate your goal through Facebook interest tool that targets Facebook interests that are legitimate.

This makes marketing simpler and you get a broad assortment of customers. Rather than wasting resources and time promoting your
shirt to the crowd that is wrong, you just need to have a direct connection to the audience that you would like to view your
product and make a good deal of sales. It is easily and a program that works easily.

Try before you buy

Before you purchase the app, you may want to make sure if it actually works based on the description. TeeSpy allows customers to
have a view on the qualities and they provide evidence that is much to show you how effective it is.


Teespy has Lots of positive

Facebook reviews. A lot of clients who used this up and purchased have come back to say they’ve really made up money and more
sales . A lot acknowledge the usage of TeeSpy.