Commission Magnets Review – Can You Really Earn $900 in a Week?

Is Commission Magnets a Scam?

Can You Really Earn $900 in a Week?

That’s why your website is your security haven. You can find opinions that we examine. Today I am going to answer a major question,”Is Commission Magnets a Scam?”

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What’s Commission Magnets?

Commission Magnets is just another affiliate marketing training that promises to make you money. Look at their advertisement. What do you think about it?

Promises by Commission Magnets

It promises that you could make over $900 per week using 100% program that is free and their newbie-friendly. At this time, I am already suspicious because this type of huge promise is usually a scam sign.

Well, I decided to have a good look because it was free, and I signed up. I was very surprised that they were supplying this product for free because of typically similar goods cost at least $6- 7 to get in. There are upsells always that raise the actual price of this product a lot. I knew that the same strategy is used by founders of this program Glynn and Abdullah.

Where Is My Product??

So I gave them name and my email address. First of all, I was directed to a page that was selling a product for $19 (see the image below). I had been thinking,”Didn’t they just promise that this item is free?” I decided to close this page and check if I have received some information on my email.

First upsell.

Learn How to Make Honest Money Online!

I received 2 emails and another one had a connection with an chance to get access. I chose to click there to see if I can have a product that they promoted. I was led by that link to WarriorPlus site. Finally, after submitting my email more and clicking another link, I found products by Abdullah and Glynn. The page

Is Commission Magnets a Scam

10-15 different products were offered by the page by Glynn. When I clicked one of them, I got directed to a sales page using a”special offer” to get another product for $19. Below there were 2 interviews of Glynn. I think that these were the most fascinating part because they give you a proof that this man is truly making money online.

That the purpose of those interviews. To build trust with a prospect so he would be some of the products which Glynn is offering over. I find it rather fascinating that nowadays men are currently making + $10,000 / month. I know this is true because I have seen it in practice that affiliate marketing functions.

Have a look at this training FOR FREE, if you want to understand how you could learn it as well. I guarantee that this system isn’t as confusing as the offers of Glynn. Always another upsell and a product you can purchase.

I did find this merchandise from Glynn to tell the truth. He was always selling a new product that I did not find where he posted a”free” Commission Magnets.

I found out from other Internet marketers that in a real Commission Magnets merchandise there are 4 upsells. One of these is offering free traffic very easily for you. The one teaches you to create emails on your email list.

The upsell lists you high paying affiliate systems. You wouldn’t need to buy a product to get this information. You can just Google it and discover the answer for free. Another method is to go to JvZoo or WarriorPlus and have a look which products are providing high commissions for affiliate marketers.

1. Get free traffic
2. Promote affiliate products to your list.

This is a really common strategy for Web marketers to make income, as you may be aware. For example, the Copy Paste Commissions and million additional goods online of Michael Cheney are teaching the strategy. I suggest taking a look, if you want to learn how to construct a list and make money with it. I understand that his training has trained many people to have a successful internet business.
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Pros & Cons


So he knows a thing and two about online marketing glynn appears to make a big money online.


  • Very suspicious marketing
  • Tons of upsells
  • Unrealistic promises
  • Difficult to find reviews

Conclusion — Is Commission Magnets a Scam?

We need to admit that this product had plenty of scam sings. They promise that anyone could earn $900 in a week without any former experience with their magic training. I know from experience that is a lie. By making money online, work is required and there is not.

One more thing I did not like in their marketing was that they promised that I would find a product for free but immediately after submitting my email, I got bombarded by many offers to purchase new goods from Glynn. In general, it feels he has dehumanized the process of creating money online to maximize the profits.

I suggest heading into Wealthy Affiliate if you are currently searching for a help from honest and professional Internet marketers. It’s an online business community of more than 850,000 members. They supply a training that teaches you everything you need to make honest money online. By the way, an millionaire who actually knows what he’s teaching creates the training.

It is 100% free to begin. You’ll get 20 interactive video courses and 2 sites free of charge as a gift. You’ll also get a trial of a premium membership right away without giving any personal details. I promise to give you my 1-on-1 service to generate money online. I would love people to succeed online by creating companies that help people to improve their lives.


Zippo Pay Review – Does It Work?

Zippo Pay Overview: New patent pending applications sucks in autopilot leads earnings

Hi, Imagine a button that when placed online has the POWER to multiply your traffic, leads, and income… And it does it all by itself — meaning it runs sorta like a Tesla Model 3 in autonomous mode.

…Would you need a button like that? A much better question is, who WOULDN’T? Let’s check out my Zippo Pay Review below for more details!


Zippo Pay is a patent pending a online business opportunity, software product, and a first-of-its-kind online market — all rolled into one offer.

The heart of Zippo Pay is the revolutionary”cover by lead” payment method, where ZP Vendors can generate ZP order buttons and accompanying checkout funnels that enable the”sale” of digital or physical products via discussing leads (email subscribers) to the identical offer.

It works very much like a typical payment system (e.g., Clickbank or JVZoo) including fully automated checkout funnels, except that Zippo Pay customers are “paying” by speaking a certain (vendor-chosen) amount of leads in exchange for receiving the product.

Maybe your mind is already racing with ideas on how virtually any online company (in virtually any niche) could benefit with Zippo Pay’s new”PBL” payment method, Let us find out in the next sections of this Zippo Pay Review!What's ZIPPO PAY?

  • Vendor Bryan Winters
  • Product Zippo Pay
  • Launch Date 2018-Nov-14
  • Launch Time 11:00 EDT
  • Bonuses YES
  • Refund YES Guarantee
  • Niche Software
  • Support Effective Response
  • Official site Click here
  • Recommended Highly Recommended
  • Skill Level Needed All Levels


He’s been for over 15 years in the online advertising game. Nearly all leading marketers know of him, or understand him.

He and his staff have generated so many valuable electronic marketing products recently, such as ViraLightning, etc.. Now, let us look at the next part of this Zippo Pay Review and find out its features!


Zippo Pay is the world’s first social-viral”payment button” that generates free traffic, email leads, and unlimited income for you… as in, place it (up) and forget it. Generate and paste a Zippo Pay button.

Adding the $397 value DFY (done-for-you) site we automatically set up you as a brand new Zippo Pay Vendor… And after sending some first traffic to get the ball rolling, simply allow the ZP button go to work for you.

Sure, the button appears harmless enough… but what it can do will absolutely floor you.

Here’s A Quick Overview Of What You Are Getting:

Generate Zippo Pay buttons / campaigns in as few as 5 minutes each. Copy. Paste. And you’re in business.

If you are not a product operator, not to worry. Zippo Pay is for everyone, and works in almost any market. You’ll have product and your own full scale web funnel

Ready to rock the minute you log in.

This is a bonus when you order 10, ensured. The creator list your ZP campaigns in their new ZP Marketplace, leading to unlimited 100 traffic delivered automatically.

Here is How Zippo Pay Makes You MONEY…

Simply generate and paste a Zippo Pay button next to a Paypal payment button (for example) in your offer page, giving customers the choice to either pay through Paypalor by sending other Zippo Pay customer free checkout referrals…

You start getting a mixture of Zippo Pay orders and Paypal orders. However, your Zippo Pay customers are sending you more traffic, resulting in more Paypal and Zippo Pay customers…which in turn leads to still more Paypal and Zippo Pay customers.

And the cycle has the capacity to continue repeating, literally forcing your offer.

The main point is that you are literally sent email subscribers, traffic, and income by the Zippo Pay button — without you having to lift a finger.

The pay by payment process that is lead is just the beginning for Zippo Pay sellers. The founders are obviously aware that many online income earners do not have their own quality products to use with Zippo Pay.

The creators also have created the new Zippo Pay store / market, where the vendors have the ability to list their Zippo Pay pay by direct offers for no additional charge, resulting in unlimited hands-free traffic and exposure for their products as the (evergreen) marketplace grows in popularity.


What they are (almost) giving away is basically a complete 3-in-1 online business in a box.

First off, you get their patent pending”pay by lead” software to build your list AND income (after seeing how it works, I was floored!) .

Secondly, you get a $397 VALUE 100 percent done-for-you online product and accompanying net funnel to use with your new Zippo Pay software (60 second setup, and you are good to go.)

Thirdly, you get FREE traffic through the Zippo Pay Marketplace — completely innovative and a market like no other.

The Zippo Pay software works in virtually any online niche. And is designed to turn any desirable online offer into a viral revenue blockbuster.

Oh but wait, youdo not have your own product and’re a newbie? Well that’s the beauty of Zippo Pay.

They actually offer YOU one of their own products that they have proven converts like crazy — and builds you a MONTHLY income on the backend… And all that is only a TASTE of what this revolutionary income weapon can do.

This is software that is going to help you and others make money on the internet in a way that nothing else can.

  • It does not matter what niche.
  • If you have minimal or no experience online, it doesn’t matter.
  • You don’t need to make your own product.
  • You don’t need an email list.
  • You do not need hosting.

If you’re able to simply COPY & PASTE you have what it takes to construct a profitable email list and begin building a real income… by simply jumping aboard Zippo Pay.

I think this software is genius. And I think it’s going to change the game for pro and newbie online marketers.

It’s a totally fresh new approach to build lists and produce income online.

Seriously, for a small one-off fee (only during launch), they’re giving you everything but their kitchen sink.

In addition, you will be getting tons of this seller’s Best bonuses for your action:

Is it awesomeness for you? You’ll also receive my huge bonuses. Those treasures are waiting for you. And even though you do nothing but read my Zippo Pay Evaluation, to thanks for your kind support, I give free bonuses to you. Keep reading scroll your mouse down!


A couple of days ago, Bryan sent me review access. And in this section of Zippo Pay Review, I want to give a quick overview of it to you!

Zippo Pay is a complete internet business system centered around an innovative new patent pending software app… Software that enables you to”sell” online products in exchange for X amount of email subscribers (any number you choose).

The software ends up building your list AND your income as your customers can choose to pay with cash, OR checkout through Zippo Pay… (You’ll get a percentage of both.)

And the people that checkout with Zippo Pay really drive MORE leads and traffic to your website… Meaning MORE leads and earnings potential. And the cycle can keep repeating for months or months.

If you do not have webfunnel or your own product, not to worry! They start you off with a brilliant DFY (100% done for you) merchandise and web funnel called”Dumb Little Cash Makers.”

On top of that, there’s a integrated marketplace enabling you to get limitless traffic to your own Zippo Pay offers.

I have followed products and Bryan’s work and that he brings something unique

Bryan’s programs are creative unique and ahead of their time. Zippo Pay’s brilliant, easy and sophisticated system targets a evergreen market. The”pay by lead” notion is a win-win for both company owner and buyer.

The back office is simple to use — including DONE FOR YOU funnels and clean and very easy to understand tutorials. This is a system + market that is going to be around for years to come and a winner.


Zippo Pay can be used by you with:

  • Front end offers
  • High ticket items
  • Upsells and offers that are backend
  • Physical products
  • Trial offers
  • Membership Websites
  • Special reports
  • Online and offline services
  • Low ticket items
  • Webinars

And much more:

  • Use ZP during prelaunch
  • Use ZP for affiliate competitions
  • Use your bonuses to turn into gens
  • Use ZP to take your products viral that is paid
  • Use ZP to reserve premium blog and video content for Zippo Pay customers

You Can Use The Zippo Pay Button

Step 1: Paste a Zippo Pay button on your bonus offer page.

Step 2: Offer your customers two ways to get your bonus package…

By ordering whatever product you’re promoting through your affiliate link.
Or, by ordering’ your bonus package.


For a limited time, you can grab Zippo Pay with early bird discount price in these choices below. Let’s select the best suited choices for you before this offer gone!

Front-end: ZP Unlimited Vendor Account

FE customers have the ability to create unlimited ZP order buttons and associated checkout funnels, and receive a rebust DFY webfunnel with which they can begin generating leads and sales within minutes of logging into their ZP vendor accounts.

Upgrade 1: ZP Money Funnels DFY ZP Money Funnels DFY

Now is your chance to add a hot $300+ worth done-for-you product funnel to your zippo pay account every month — on 100% autopilot

The Super Affiliate Activator is an instant feature that hardcodes Zippo Pay client accounts with all the affiliate links of our ZP sellers, such that sellers get autopilot commissions if and when their ZP customers become vendors themselves.

Notice that the ZP affiliate program will remain free, and is completely free. So that’s not what they’re charging for here.

Rather, Super Affiliate Activator is a software update that essentially”flips a switch” in theback office to hardcode the ZP customer accounts (and associated Customer Centers) associated with the vendors that brought them to ZP — most likely through the”sale” of one of the seller’s ZP offers

Upgrade 3: ZP Marketplace Mogul

The ZP Marketplace Mogul offer provides ZP sellers with unlimited featured listings at the exclusive Zippo Pay marketplace, promising (premium) unlimited autopilot traffic and exposure for unlimited ZP product offers in virtually any (ethical) market.

This is guaranteed to be a seller, since the creators plan is to provide featured listings for $197 per listing as their market grows in popularity.

Let’s act now, grab and don’t delay it while it is still at the lowest price possible! And feel free to give it a go, because You have to put this and be sure that this is for you.


In summary, I hope that the information in this Zippo Pay Review all can help you gain more knowledge about this item and then have the ability to make a option.

However, in case you are in need of any advice, please feel free to stay in touch with me anytime. Regardless, thank you.


Sell More with Sellics | All in One AMZ Software

Sell More with Sellics

When you begin as an Amazon vendor you become a part of the Amazon experience that now has the largest marketplace on earth. The majority of vendors can get their business up and running, but only a few truly know this industry and rise above the competition.

A good example is that only 10 percent of Amazon customers look beyond Page 1-3, revealing how is imperative that you manage your company wisely.

Using the perfect tool to support your company can be what you will need to get in another degree, Sellics is reported to be an all-in-one software which could allow you to reach that.

It delivers both vendor and seller editions with unique features that we’ll reveal to you in an instant. You can use them to manage your PPC campaigns, optimize positions, see your gain in real time, track competitors and more.Sell More with Sellics

How it Works

It provides you a know of opinion for all your Amazon account in just 1 page, so you can check if an activity is necessary easily.

You could even check your sales, revenue share and sales rank in the past 30 days.

The Cockpit is merely a summary of your account. Clicking on the widgets you can go deeper into the various elements of it.The interface is truly straightforward and organized so it will not take long for you to get accustomed to. Sellics offers you a 14 day free trial to check the solution and check if it’s the best one for you and your organization.

Pros & Cons


  • Various Tools: Sellics includes a great deal of different features which may permit you to use it as your sole platform to handle your Amazon account.
  • Intuitive Dashboard: The platform has a very easy to use interface and nice graphing such as sessions, conversion rate, profit and much more.
  • Knowledge Base: You have access to a comprehensive knowledge base that covers every facet of Sellics features with hints and the customer service is professional and helpful.


  • Reports: You are unable to download your accounts from the Sellics account.
  • ROI: It isn’t properly shown your return on investment from the platform.
  • Email Tool: Sellics does not have an email tool, so you need to use another service to handle your email account.
  • Seller Accounts: It does not support multiple Seller Accounts.

Vendor Edition

The Vendor Edition cost is actually flexible and dependent on the features included, the marketplaces you operate on and the amount of ASINs per market.

If you would like the AMS module contained the cost is based on your projected average monthly AMS budget for the next 12 months.

*Both variants offer a no credit card required 14 day free trial to check the product.


If you currently have a Seller Central accounts Sellics may be the ideal product for your enterprise. You can monitor your entire sales, profits, keyword analytics and more in a simple, user friendly interface. That’s probably its primary advantage against competitors as it lets you use just 1 platform to handle your Amazon account.

The issue appears if you don’t have an Seller Central accounts and can not utilize properly all features. Jungle Scout is a excellent product research tool which can allow you to find new markets and products to gain from.

Finally, if you’re still confused whether to use or not Sellics services, remember you can check it for 14 days to see for yourself if this product really can allow you to grow your Amazon company.


What’s the Digi Store Builder?

This review is about the Digi Store Builder. Would you like to know whether it’s a legit online platform or just a scam? Are you curious if it really can help you make some money in autopilot? Well, I recommend that you read this review to be able to find out more about it.

What’s the Digi Store Builder?

The sales page asserts that the program builds the site in about 43 minutes.

They also state that you don’t have to do any work when building the website and everything is done by the program. The hosting is included with the software and there isn’t any need to install or download anything. Ankur and Geroge have established several products like this one.

In this review, I will have a good look at this solution and try to ascertain if this is a scam or not. I advise that you read the whole review before considering buying this product.What's the Digi Store Builder?

How Can Digi Store Builder Work?

According to the sales page, you can construct your Amazon website in only 3 simple steps.

Step 1: you have to input the keywords related to your market.

Step 3: Simply press one button and the program will build your site for you.

I watched the demonstration on the sales page and it seems like the software is actually easy to use and it is easy to create your site in a couple of minutes.

The software permits you to choose if you would like to auto post weekly or daily so you don’t need to worry about publishing content. There are a good deal of different features, but I believe I have covered the significant ones.

When you haven’t seen what’s wrong with the whole step-by-step procedure for creating your site, then I’m here to assist you.

The issue with the content that’s generated by a computer software is it is either replicate or spun content. The sales page of this site does not really specify if it’s duplicate or content that is subscribed, but it has to be one of those two.

More Info About Digi Store Builder…

There’s absolutely no software that can write unique articles like individuals and Google favors content written by people. Copy content is penalized and spun content may also affect your SEO in a negative manner.

If Google finds Publish or replicate content, then your site posts will quit ranking and you won’t get any traffic. The hosting space they provide you is also quite limited. I don’t think it’s enough for developing a sizable Amazon affiliate site or many small affiliate websites.

I am not sure the websites which will be constructed by this program will be in compliance with the stipulations set by Amazon. As an example, the program fetches product reviews from Amazon, but you want to meet specific requirements to utilize those reviews.

You might get banned by Amazon for not following their stipulations.

I haven’t purchased this product, but after taking a look at the sales page and doing my research, I’m not impressed by this product. I don’t believe you can make a whole lot of money by using this item.

There are two licenses provided inside.

The Unlimited Site License also includes lifetime hosting, but there are limits. By the way, you’re provided a 30 day money-back guarantee with this item. There are upsells indoors, which might cost you more than $200 if you buy all of these.

How Much Can I Make?

I don’t feel that most people will make any money by using this item. There was a time when spun content wasn’t discovered by Google, but its algorithm has changed.

If the program creates duplicate content, then your site will surely not receive any traffic. Google will immediately recognize duplicate content and be certain that your site gets penalized.

Let’s assume that somehow the program manages to create spun content that’s not discovered by Google. The next obstacle is to make a living from the traffic. When people will see your website, they’ll see content that’s produced by a software. The content won’t look convincing and most folks wouldn’t even consider buying anything from your site.

You’ll almost certainly lose the money you spent on purchasing this program until you write the material from a scratch.

Are There Any Complaints?

Yes, and I have recorded some of the significant concerns below.

There are pricey upsells inside.

Bottom Line

In my view, Digi Store Builder isn’t a scam because their applications still assist you in building a site. They also offer some very helpful information regarding ways to start your own internet business.

On the other hand, this program still has rooms for advancement. There’s not any easy way to generate money online. And you can not expect to make thousands of dollars from a web site which takes under a minute to construct.

Nevertheless, I leave the last choice in your hands.


  • Affordable
  • Teaches the basics of Internet Marketing


  • Training is Limited
  • Spun or replicate content is Bad

How Can I permanently Earn Money on the Internet?

I know that you need to buy Digi Store Builder since you discovered the earning potential of having your own internet business.

But, I must inform you that buying a product isn’t enough. It’s much better to have a solid support system which you can depend on whenever you want help.

Now, your next question is, how do you really earn money in the comfort of your dwelling? My best suggestion is through creating your own online business with a support from neighborhood.

Essentially, you can earn by simply following your passion and likes.

At the moment, I’m on my second year in this community and wish to share my success with you.

If you have additional questions and worries about the Digi Store Builder, then feel free to comment it below and I’d be pleased to interact with you.

Allow me to hear your experiences and personal comment on the comments below!

Best Wishes,


Fake Bitcoins Wealth SCAM, bitcoins Wealth Review?

Fake Bitcoins Wealth SCAM, bitcoins Wealth Review?

After investing in Bitcoin, 3 people saw their lives change.

Some of us are amused by how the optimism artists supporting trading robot, software, and the Bitcoin Wealth scam program replicated the Bitcoin Code applications . Obviously this trend of programs that were cloned not entertains in the least bit us, and Bitcoins Wealth functions as the textbook example of how to replicate software that was fake.Fake Bitcoins Wealth SCAM, bitcoins Wealth Review?

Factoid: a fraud affiliate network is aggressively marketing The Bitcoins Wealth software specializing in schemes and scams.

The name was changed to confuse and divert any stench which originated by Steve McKay in the Bitcoin Code scam. As we will see the fact is and Bitcoins Wealth doesn’t fall in line. Do you think Bitcoins Wealth can help you generate some money on the internet? If that is true and right about now you’re reluctant and asking yourself why this is happening to you and how does this scam work, then we ask that you continue reading our detailed and enlightening Bitcoins Wealth review since we subjected the crooks behind it and shed light on their thieving software.

Evidence of SCAM

Below you will see registration area and the sales page to the Bitcoin Code scam. It’s plain to see some lifestyle footage is being used by them so as to project a feeling of wealth.

Moving here you can see the adaptation. A closer look at the text will show it glued in the way that is misleading and deceptive and is copied.

And here is the last piece of proof which will lay to rest any doubt you might have regarding the authenticity of this program that is imitation. We’ve taken screenshots of the first Bitcoin Code Software in addition to the”new” Bitcoins Rewards app and glued both of them for you side-by-side. You can see it’s precisely the same system, just the title was changed for the reasons in a single we mentioned.

Who’s Steve Robinson?

He’s NOT a software programmer”turned investor turned millionaire-maker”. The story about being a”100 Million Dollar guy” is also untrue and designed to exude confidence. According to the sales presentation 3 years ago he was a coder under the use of a Wall Street firm that is renowned. His company asked him to create a bitcoin trading applications for customers. Apparently he was tricked by his boss into developing a cash cow. Robinson used the software himself when his worries became something of the past and that is. Now he’s offering 25 new beta tester places because he’s already rich and needs to”give to the planet rather than take” (if you believe that).

Bitcoins Wealth Review — New Or SCAM Millionaire Maker?

Can you make $13,000 everyday?Is it possible to be a millionaire? From the Bitcoins Wealth sales demonstration they say that they provide the tools required to attain gains. But is this true or an elaborate scam designed to fool you? Can this auto-trading app actually generate an”insane” amount of yields.

You will have the ability to earn money if you’re quick to act, although bitcoin is your way to get rich online.

This tendency has been discussed by us and it is growing for an assortment of reasons. Fraudsters are becoming exposed the level of customer awareness and due to the nature of the scams. So they’re becoming smart and not since it requires a bite out of the profit investing in strategies. Instead, they simply change the name and colour scheme (in this instance even that was not altered ) and voila! You get a strategy that is new and it did not even cost you a dime! All they need to do is inform their affiliate marketers to change links and incorporate it and promote a scam.

Do The Brokers Fit In?

The agents are the customers, and we were known when we signed up. This means they’re the ones paying referral commissions to the affiliates. This isn’t always a bad thing if everybody profits. When it comes to the Bitcoins lien everybody gains EXCEPT you! Your money is taken by the agents and send some of it back to the promoters, the credit card processing businesses take their cut, and the workers get commissions if and when a trading accounts is funded by you. Together with your hard-won cash, the operation is being greased by you in short and that’s how the scam works and the secret.

We’ve seen over a few of them, and its a shame that these sites resort to reviews that were fake. So if you’re not reluctant or sure please make certain inquire and you leave a message below.

Its not advisable to trust that the Bitcoins Wealth scam, but if for some reason you feel a desire and an itch to risk some of your cash you’d best be ready to absorb a dose of guilt and frustration. In actuality, we’re so certain you will lose your money that if you can create evidence of trades we apologize to all our members and will eat our hat.

Don’t period, deposit.

A Genuine Trading Apps

You’re in luck, if you’re in the market for a trading program. We’ve got a new addition to our systems that are recommended and it has shown some promising results make when you have a opportunity be certain you check it out.

Bitcoins Useful Tips, Conclusions, and Wealth Review Summary

The Bitcoins Wealth scam applications, program, and trading robot is part of a program and blacklisted within our informative and detailed review. Let there be no room for misunderstanding or uncertainty, this is a software which place to lose your cash and intentionally is rigged. Claims and the demonstration set the Steve Robinson from the section of this Bitcoin fraud market and the Bitcoins Wealth scam program. The brokers are relentless and filthy. We implore you instead seek legitimate investment paths since there are several which work as advertised and to refrain from joining this program. As always, should you have questions or questions, please make sure to contact us through our Google +, Facebook Group, Pinterest, and YouTube Channel