Insta Crusher Review

Insta Crusher Review

What’s the best way to get free traffic in 2018?

Here’s a hint: it has 52x better engagement than FB.

700 million ACTIVE users.

And has created more ‘free traffic millionaires’ than any other site on the planet.

The name of this platform is INSTAGRAM.

And there is a brand new way that can get you your first 10,000 leads on Instagram without spending a penny on ads.

It’s ultra-niche-targeted so you can get the exact leads you want for your offers.

Buyers who are HUNGRY for what you’re selling.

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P.S. If you’re spending money on leads you can kiss those costs goodbye and boost your profits. This new system has the keys:

Insta Crusher Review – Overview

  • Vendor: Rich Williams et al
  • Product: Insta Crusher
  • Release Date: 2017-Oct-24
  • Release Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $7
  • Sales Page:
  • Niche: Software

The 3 software that you will get when you purchase insta crusher are :

Auto DB – a database packed with all the hottest, most profitable niches for you to dominate

Auto Insta – a tool which automatically generates high-conversion images from your text to use in your post, saving you hours of searching manual

Insta Template – a powerful tool with PROVEN high-profit templates for you to simply fill in the blanks for your niche & make huge cash

With 3 completely unique tool designed to make you the most Insta money, traffic & leads, with the least time and effort. So let’s run through the exact process I use to dominate the most profitable niches on Instagram.

Step #1 : Select your niche – Start by browsing the InstaDB tool and choosing a hot niche with lots of 6-figure accounts, filled with rapid buyers who click through like crazy! Each of these niches are proven to make tens of thousands of dollars every day. There’s thousands to select from, any of which will yield massive results.

Step #2 : Prepare your content – Content is KEY on Instagram, so you will use two powerful new approaches to prepare your content. First, start by looking at what content is performing great on the top accounts in your niche on InstaDB, this will only take about 30 seconds!

Second, enter your niche & keywords you found in InstaDB into our InstaTemplate tool to generate template text for your chosen niche, based on profit-boosting posts proven to convert followers into buyers.

Step #3 : Create your content – Now you know what posts to create, it’s time to make them! Head over to AutoInsta tool. Just enter the background image & text you found earlier in InstaTemplate & an optimised Instagram image post is automatically created.

This is the exact approach used by the Instagram elite, but without needing expensive designers & complicated briefs. AutoInsta does it automatically, giving you the type of posts that get free likes like THIS & build viral followers like this.

Step #4 : Hit 10k followers in a matter of days – Creating great content is half the battle of getting followers but there’s much more to it. They will show you how to “hack” Instagram tactics like “shout outs”, “reposts” to force yourself to the top of the news feed, & get mass free traffic.

This way you will be sure you’re building a relevant, buyer-hungry audience, that you can turn into swarms of free traffic & leads.

Step #5 : Monetize – Now you have a huge following and great engagement, but how do you drive traffic & turn those clicks into $$$? Like I said, it’s all about promoting products your audience already wants to buy.

Insta Crusher Review

Insta Crusher Bonus

Bonus #one : Instagram Marketing Excellence : This package comprises of E-book that has power packed information on how to generate unlimited targeted traffic to boost sales & profits. You’ll also get a cheat sheet, mind map resources report that will be very useful for getting long term beneficial results for your business.

Bonus #two : Instagram For Business : I’m providing this package that includes very useful information to promote any business, establish brand authority & build a community of like-minded people who are interested in your offer. Use this information to get best results for your business.

Bonus #three : Instagram Impact : InstaPro Post helps you to boost sales & profits for your offers & skyrocket conversions in a simplified manner. To make your Instagram marketing journey easier, this package comprises of an E-book that enables you to connect with potential consumers in the most visually appealing manner possible.

Bonus #four : Instagram Marketing Blog : Blogs are of prime importance to boost marketing efforts & getting desired traffic to promote your products & services. Keeping this in mind, I’m providing this package that comprises of beautifully made & optimized blogs that give you best results.

Bonus $five : Targeting Instagram : Instagram helps you market your products and services to globally scattered clients in creative ways, and facilitates profit enhancement in the long run. Today, it’s one of the best source of traffic to numerous website owners. Keeping this important factor in mind, this package that includes easy to understand video will help you to boost traffic generation efforts with this amazing social media networking site. It’ll enhance the value of your purchase from my affiliate link. Take its benefit in order to become a success story.

Bonus #six : Social Media Indicators : Social media marketing has gained grounds tremendously & has become the GO TO option for internet marketers. If overlooked, it can be quite hazardous for business owners.And, this package comprising of an E-book has 70 ways to boost your business with social media and ultimately attract more customers to increase sales & profits.

Bonus #seven : Instagram Development & Strategy : Are you aware, estimated number of Instagram users in U.S is 77.6 Million? And, this number is going to increase in the near future.So, to pack a punch with the best use of Instagram for your business, this package has a report that includes helpful links for blog posts, forum posts, YouTube videos, keyword analysis etc. about Instagram.

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